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Cannabis-infused Coconut Oil

What is not to love about coconut? It’s a healthy, light oil that can be used more than just to cook with. Infused coconut oil can be used in self-care products, like lotions and yes even soaps!

Isn’t it amazing how many things we can incorporate cannabis into?

Infused coconut oil is a staple in any cannabis chef’s pantry.

This plant-based oil is a great, healthy choice for all cannabis connoisseurs.

It’s the ideal option if you have a dietary restriction, or if you are just wanting to watch your weight.

cannabis infused coconut oil
cannabis infused coconut oil instructions

What Is Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil Used For?

Coconut oil is used in any number of dishes as a substitute for heavier oils or butter.

Infused coconut oil has a longer-lasting effect due to having the most concentration of saturated fats, a higher number than any other oil. It is a vegan chef’s go-to when making a more vegan-friendly cookie, brownie, fudge, or any other sweet treat you may want such as:

But make no mistake, sweets are not the only thing you can use this infused oil for.   It can be used in a variety of dishes like chickpea stew, vegetable soup, and orange cauliflower bowls.

Virgin vs Refined

There are a couple of different kinds of coconut oil that you can buy in stores, but most recipes will call for either virgin or refined coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil is as it sounds, an otherwise unaltered oil. It is the result of an expelling process and has a tendency to have a lower smoke point of only 350 Fahrenheit, which means it isn’t so great for basting or frying.

But it is great for baking those amazing infused cookies!

Virgin coconut oil also generally carries with it that subtle sweetness that is expected when you hear the word coconut into the very end result.

Refined coconut oil on the other hand is heated for deodorizing and then filtered to remove any impurities or bacteria. The result makes this oil nearly scentless, and tasteless.

The plus here is that the smoke point jumped up to 425 Fahrenheit. This makes it a better option for hotter dishes that still bring the benefits of using coconut oil without bringing the coconut taste along with it. 

How Do You Make Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil?

Making infused coconut oil is a fairly easy process, albeit a time-consuming one. The process is similar to making any kind of infused oil. Here are a few things you will need to make your own:

  • 7 Grams of your choice of Cannabis.
  • Oven
  • Cheesecloth
  • Metal strainer
  • A storage container of your choosing.

Start with a 7:1 ratio, that is 7 grams of trimmed cannabis flower (you can leaf the leaves if you desire, no one is judging) to 100 grams ( ½ cup) of coconut oil. Now for decarboxylation (or decarbing)! You can use any type of cookware you desire here, so long as it can maintain a temperature of 215 Fahrenheit. 

Now, you bake your bud for 30 minutes and while you wait, you can start melting the coconut oil down, because coconut oil is already in a solidified state and needs to be melted down. This means you skip the boiling part you would have to do if you were working with a liquid state oil. Like canola, or olive oil for example. 

Once it is done baking and your oil is liquified, mix the two and then put it back into the oven.

This time it should be in there for one full hour and thirty minutes. Once it is done, let it cool before pouring the mixture through the strainer, it should be covered with a cheesecloth before you strain it into a storage container (mason jar, plastic tub, bowl, etc) of your choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil?

In cooking, cannabis-infused coconut oil can be used as a substitute for cannabutter as it is the healthier option for those watching what they eat or have dietary restrictions.

This infusion is a vegan, allergen-friendly, and dairy-free way to keep eating the things we all love.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, infused coconut oil is used in self-care products for soothing muscle aches, moisturizing skin, and helping increase circulation and soothe fiery sunburns.

To recap, this versatile, healthy oil is beneficial in helping keep your body feeling great inside and out.

It smells good, tastes good, and is good for you.

So what is not to love?

From boosting cognition, relieving stress, and reducing anxiety, as an edible to soothing muscle pain and moisturizing skin as a topical lotion, this infusion is a must-have for just about anyone.

cannabis infused coconut oil massage

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cannabis infused coconut oil

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