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Dad’s Infused Seasoning Salt

This recipe is a “version” of the “secret” recipe Dad handed to me to someday “send his grandchildren to college on!”  Dad, my business partner in many ventures as well as best friend, created his very own seasoning salt, which he used on EVERYTHING he cooked.

We use to laugh and tease him about using food to carry his seasonings rather than his food being the purpose of the seasoning…it is that good!  Soon, you will see Dad’s “secret” version of seasoning combinations on our web-store and as the dream emerges….at your favorite dispensaries.  All that goodness is probably located right in your kitchen cabinet, so I recommend, as I always recommend, that you follow your own intuition and make your infused seasoning that that you use and have in stock most often.

Remember, the only limitations are your hesitation and lack of listening to within for this delicious recipe to be the perfect fingerprint for you.  Have fun, and enjoy listening to the creativity yourself wants to share with you.

*The cannabis greens are the remains of the RSO cannabis I use to make RSO. Following the extraction of the oil, I place the greens on a cookie sheet and put into a 180 degree oven until all the moisture is gone. I then filter the dried product through a colander and add desired amount to the measuring cup all spices are being measured in.

How to Make Infused Seasoning Salt:

Required Ingredients:

  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • tumeric
  • paprika
  • pepper
  • cannabis

*At this point, your seasoning salt is more of a CBD type of
deliciousness in spices as the cannabis I use is stripped of THC for
the RSO, so I add kief to the ingredients if I want my spice to have a

After measuring all these ingredients to a total amount, add that amount of salt to the mixture. Store as desired for future uses. You will find this becomes a delicious substitute for anything you would put salt on and many things you don’t…such as cheese slices. It is a delicious add on to any favorite, and whatever else you might think of!

Use this Seasoning Salt In:

cannabis infused seasoning salt recipe