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Cannabis Infused Butter

How To Make Cannabis Infused Butter

I use Ghee…it saves a step and the butter is purer. No water. In the beginning of time I thought clarified butter was a bit overrated…until I started using it. The secret to infusing lipid is to heat it slightly so that the fat and the RSO combine, giving the cannabis a more even distribution throughout the product. Again, the amount of RSO you use is relative to what you are using it in, how much you are cooking, what your level of intake is according to what you know about yourself and the cannabis itself. Common sense remains a valuable tool…cannabis has a wonderful sense about it. Using it with what your highest good is means using it as a tool that promotes a healthy hand in hand relationship between Mother Nature and our wellbeing.


Melt approx. 2 tablespoons of Ghee into non-stick cooking pan. I use a small electric cooker, but you can also use a regular pan over a low heat, on the stove.

Highly Delicious Cannabis Infused Butter 1


Add a small amount of the pre-made Rick Simpson Oil into the melted Ghee.

Highly Delicious Cannabis Infused Butter 2


Continue adding a small amount of the Ghee, mixing and stirring until the RSO is evenly distributed throughout the entire 13 oz. of Ghee.


Once Ghee and RSO are thoroughly combined, pour it into a container to cool. Using scales, measuring cup, or syringe, pour 4 oz. (per stick) into a mold where it can be stored as sticks of butter. Great when you do a lot of baking. Remember to always use a low heat…I work at not going over 180 degrees so that I do not overcook and destroy the integrity of the cannabis.

Highly Delicious Cannabis Infused Butter 4
Highly Delicious Cannabis Infused Butter 3


Place silicone mold onto a cookie sheet and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours, to cool and harden into 4 oz. sticks of cannabis infused butter. Once cooled and hardened, remove from mold and wrap in sheets of wax paper for easy access when needed.

Highly Delicious Cannabis Infused Butter 5


Place covered sticks into Ziploc bag and store in refrigerator or freezer. Bring back to room temperature, before using in baked goods.

Highly Delicious Cannabis Infused Butter 6